Frequently Asked Questions

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I’ve heard a lot about “incrementality”—and it’s even in your name! What does incrementality mean for retail media measurement?

Incrementality means identifying the additional value that your advertising brings in, beyond what would have happened anyway. Incrementality is central to understanding the true effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Assessing incrementality is not just part of Incremental’s name—it's at the core of what the platform does. We designed our platform specifically to measure and optimize incrementality in retail media advertising campaigns. We help our customers see the actual impact of their advertising spend, enabling them to optimize where and how to allocate their budgets to maximize their growth. This approach is essential for advertising spend optimization. By focusing on incrementality, we help our customers improve the efficiency of their campaigns, guiding them towards more profitable and sustainable business growth.

Why does neutrality matter for measuring media impact?

Neutral retail media measurement ensures that the data, analysis, and insights are unbiased and objective. For Incremental, neutrality means that the measurement platform (and the company that built it) is not influenced by any conflicting business models such media selling or buying. In short, our customers can trust our data and insights!

Understanding the true media measurement impact is only possible when the measurement is neutral. This means that every aspect of the campaign, from audience reach to conversion rates, is analyzed without any bias, providing a clear picture of effectiveness.

Neutrality also plays a critical role in retail strategy optimization. Because our media measurement platform is free from any potential conflicts of interest associated with also buying or selling media, our customers can use the platform to support strategic resource allocation decisions—spending more in some places and less in others.

How does Incremental connect with ecommerce platforms?

Getting started with Incremental is quick and hassle-free. Incremental has an extensive existing network of integrations with media, ecommerce platforms, and retailer’s reporting platforms. Integrating with these platforms requires just a few clicks. New ecommerce platform integration can be set up and running in just 2 to 4 weeks.

Can Incremental handle custom integrations?

Yes! Every business has unique needs, which is why we offer custom integrations. If you’re looking to integrate a specific retailer or media platform to enhance measurement capabilities, we’re here to help. Let’s chat!

How does Incremental connect data from multiple sources in real time?

Incremental’s easy-to-use integrations connect directly to media and retailer platforms via APIs and other flexible means of data collection. As new data becomes available across these platforms, this data is ingested into the Incremental platform. The Incremental platform publishes these updates every daily to ensure our customers are working with the most current information. Incremental’s platform automatically maps and standardizes media and retail data across multiple platforms into a single normalized view eliminating the need to manually merge data sets in your real-time data analytics and retail media campaign analytics. This allows for straightforward comparisons, making it easy for our customers to interpret proprietary metrics.

How is measuring my retail media with Incremental different from doing it directly in the retail platforms?

Most default measurement in retail media platforms is based on last touch attribution, where the last click before conversion gets 100% credit for the sale. Incrementality measurement involves more than just counting clicks and media spend tracking. Factors like promotions, pricing, competitive product position on page, outside media and seasonality play a crucial role understanding what is actually driving sales.

Incremental gathers all these critical elements across every platform our customers sell and advertise on to provide an accurate estimate for on return on investment (ROI) of their advertising and a consolidated view of media spend tracking.

There are lots of media measurement platforms. Why does it matter if I pick a platform designed specifically for retail media?

Incremental, which is designed specifically for retail media, surpasses general media measurement platforms because it is built for unique requirements of retail media by incorporating both retail and media signals into the measurement.

More general media measurements don’t typically include granular SKU level factors specific to ecommerce marketplaces such as changes in search rank, promotion, competitive pricing, and inventory. These factors are essential to understanding shoppable media.

Incremental's expertise in retail behavior analysis offers deep insights into consumer purchasing patterns and interactions, which is essential for understanding the performance of retail media. These consumer insights are incorporated into the measurement platform to account for the nuances of consumer behavior is altered by product placement, seasonality, and competition. Unlike general media measurement platforms, Incremental combines a specialized retail focus and advanced consumer insights to deliver an actionable analysis just for retail media.

Can Incremental help boost sales from my company’s retail media campaigns?

Yes! Incremental offers a neutral, third-party perspective on how retail media campaigns drive incremental sales for your business. This can be used to evaluate each retail media campaign’s sales impact across all channels, guiding you to shift your investments towards what will drive profitable sustainable growth for your business. This approach is central to improving sales with analytics. With Incremental, our customers get a clear comparison of incremental sales and advertising costs across each platform and campaign. These views reveal which campaigns offer the most incremental revenue growth per dollar investment or incremental campaign return on investment (ROI) or (iROI).

In essence, Incremental helps our customers optimize their media investments to drive more growth. By reallocating resources and refining their campaigns based on comprehensive analytics, our customers are enhancing sales outcomes by improving efficiency. This helps our customers maximize the impact of every media dollar, boosting sales by improving ROI.

Can Incremental help my company boost customer engagement and retain more customers?

Yes! Incremental enhances customer engagement measurement by accounting for how advertising can drive cross-sell and upsell among existing customer to drive incremental revenue for the business not just revenue growth that comes from acquiring new to brand consumers. This provides a more comprehensive measure of advertising than those that only capture the new to brand (NTB) effect.

Seeing this across all channels with comparable metrics enables our customers to refine their approaches to campaigns and retention plays, tailoring each campaign to improve customer interactions, boost retention, and drive cross-sell and upsell.

With Incremental's unbiased, cross-channel analysis, our customers gain a deeper understanding of their customer preferences, allowing them to develop personalized campaigns. These campaigns are designed not just to attract customers, but also to keep them engaged and loyal over time.

Can I use Incremental to run A/B tests?

While Incremental doesn't directly run A/B tests, it excels in integrating and interpreting the results from such tests conducted across different retail platforms like Amazon, Walmart, or other channels. This enables Incremental’s models to learn from existing experimentation works you’ve already done to bootstrap model development.

These types of A/B tests are used for both validation and calibration of the model’s predictions.

How does Incremental protect customer data and ensure privacy compliance?

Security and privacy is crucial. Customer data protection is a top priority and our platform is built for privacy law compliance. Learn more about our approach to privacy.