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Built For Retail Media

With direct integrations, Incremental automates the collection, cleansing, normalizing and mapping of raw data across the media and retailer ecosystem.

The end result is a 360-degree view of a brand’s media and retail data—the foundation for measurement. Incremental then uses machine learning to combine regression analysis with designed and synthetic experiments to untangle what is actually causing changes in your business, and an iterative feedback loop continually improves the model’s predictions. 

How Incremental Media Measurement Works
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What Incremental Does Best

Explore the “why” behind our methodology.

Tied to Your P&L

Measurement can become disconnected from your company’s actual financial performance. Incremental uses your P&L as the source of truth.

Continuous Learning

Once-per-year testing leads to lags in reporting and outdated assumptions. To be actionable, measurement platforms need to be dynamic and get smarter over time. Our model learns as you make changes in your business, progressively developing a deeper understanding of how each change impacts your bottom line.

Easy to Deploy

Spend less time managing data and more time managing your business. Extensive integrations and automation handle all the messy work of data collection and cleansing, so you can get up and running faster and easier.

how it works

Easy Data Integration and Collection

Get up and running quickly.

With just a few clicks, Incremental integrates your retail and marketing channels into the platform. Integrate with a vast ecosystem of partners or upload your own data.

Comprehensive Data Collection from all your media platforms

Automated Data Cleansing, Normalization, and Mapping

Keeping tabs on all the changes across retail and media platforms can eat up your entire day.

Incremental reconciles key metrics that mean the same thing, but have different names across channels—think “fulfillable units” (Amazon), “on-hand” (Target), and “available to sell” (Walmart). We also synchronize time differences and standardize geographics. Retail media buyers can also easily overlay brand-specific product and category names.

At the core of Incremental is a map of your business, tied back to a super-SKU. It allows the platform to understand which products are the target of each campaign both onsite and offsite, where products are on promotion across marketplaces, and what inventory is available across them. For measurement to be retail aware, it needs to not just track your media, but have a holistic understanding of the commerce landscape.

how it works

Untangling Incrementality

Find out what is actually causing changes in your business.

Incremental uses machine learning to combine regression analysis with designed and synthetic experiments to produce predictions grounded in the real world. This model can take your profit and loss (P&L) margin into account as the source of truth, and leverages retail and media signals to understand what is driving it.

Iterative feedback loops continually improve the model’s predictions. This modeling framework enables a nuanced understanding of how different media types and strategies drive growth by tuning factors like ad-stock, effect delay, and the point of diminishing returns by campaign.

Retail media buyers gain an understanding of how your retail media drives sales, as well as the ability to simulate actions before you make them—in time to inform those decisions.

Measure Incrementality against your P&L
how it works

A Better Model, Each Day

You don’t get stronger by only exercising twice a year—measurement is no different.

The Incremental platform does all of this for you. As you make changes to business and media, both intentional and unintentional, the model uses these changes as opportunities to test its understanding of your business and learn from them. This allows the platform to quickly adapt to an ever-changing business environment. 

how it works

Data Sharing

Your organization already has a business intelligence platform everyone already uses, and you don’t want to log in to yet another platform for reporting.

Incremental offers direct integration via APIs and feeds to flow the normalized, cleansed, and enriched data into your internal data lakes, so you can easily embed it in the platforms and workflows that already exist across your organization. Or you can just ask us to send you a daily email.

Integrations with all leading media and data visual platforms
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