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Retail media has grown twice as fast as social media and three times faster than search, and will reach $106 billion in the US by 2027.

In this fast-evolving market, retail media buyers need a platform that provides clear and consistent measurement across all retail media investments, enabling you to make informed decisions for growth. Incremental is that platform, combining an understanding of both commerce and media to support your company’s omnichannel growth.

Discover the three key reasons that make Incremental an essential platform for today's competitive retail media landscape.

Why Incremental Retail Media Measurement?
Why incremental

Created for Retail Media

Measuring retail media requires an understanding of both retail and media.

Your platform must understand retail.

Does your measurement platform understand how much inventory you have left of a certain stock-keeping unit (SKU)?

Does it understand how position on page or competitive promotion changes the success of your advertising? Retail media buyers need a measurement platform that understands inventory availability, buy box, competitive pricing, search rank, and more—and how to maximize the impact of investments within that world. 

Your platform must also understand media.

The consumer's journey to purchase doesn’t begin and end on Amazon.

You need a measurement platform that looks beyond retail media, too. Incremental helps retail media buyers understand how outside media channels drive product discovery or awareness-building, such as seeing a TV spot or an influencer’s video, and how that interacts with retail media’s performance. This enables you to plan your retail media to take advantage of those broader advertising investments like TV and social.

why incremental

Actionable Incrementality

An accurate weather forecast for next week doesn't help you decide what to wear today.

In an environment as dynamic as ecommerce, you need a measurement platform that is delivering insights at the frequency and granularity of decision-making. Once-a-quarter reports aren’t helpful if you’re making daily decisions. You need a measurement platform that is a part of your media buying and planning workflow, and integrates with your buying platforms.

Incremental aims to close this gap between measurement and decision-making.

Why incremental

Media Neutral

You must trust that your measurement partner supports your company’s sales above everything else.

If your measurement platform is motivated to sell you more ads, can you really trust it? Our company doesn't buy or sell any advertising, removing ourselves from any conflict of interest. Incremental is your structurally neutral retail media platform.

True Neutral Media Measurement
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