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This platform is for the retail media practitioner—whether you are at an agency or a brand. Incremental makes your job of driving growth easier. We’ve purpose-built it with your needs in mind.

About Incremental
Incremental Serves top Brand Advertisers

Retail Media Buyers at Brands

You’ve been given a lofty sales goal for a channel. How do you ensure you hit that goal with your retail media budget?

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Make Every Budget Dollar Count

If you only have so many dollars to spend, you can’t waste them in the wrong place. A joint business plan (JBP) with a retailer may require committed retail media spend, so how do you maximize the impact of it? Drive incremental sales based on trusted intelligence from a neutral platform.
(That’s us.)


Set Realistic Sales Goals

Ground your sales forecasts in fact. Determine exactly how far your advertising budget will go, and forecast how much more budget you need to reach sales goals.


Test Advertising Budget Changes

Toss around some bold ideas. Incremental’s simulations allow you to test the impact of retail media budget changes, so you can make big decisions with confidence.

Retail Media Buyers at Agencies

Your agency’s clients expect you to hit their sales goals by putting their budgets to work in the places that will generate the most profitable incremental growth. Plan moves on their behalf with confidence, backed by evidence from a third party that’s rooting for them, too.

Incremental is a partner for high performance marketing agencies
better attribution

Get Full Credit

Last-touch attribution doesn’t capture all the work your agency did to drive sales growth. Incremental tracks impact across channels and online-to-offline, ensuring you get full credit for sales driven.

stronger forecasting

Manage Advertising Budgets with Confidence

Oversee your client’s advertising budgets and sales goals based on facts. Incremental’s predictive models determine exactly how far an advertising budget will go, and how much more money is needed to reach your client’s goals.

Our Media Ecosystem

Retail Media Ecosystem Partners

As retail media buyers know, there’s a whole ecosystem of platforms and partners helping brands, agencies, and retailers. Incremental’s neutrality means we partner across the ecosystem.

Enhanced data

Integrate Incrementality

You’ve built a great platform already. Incremental can supercharge that platform with granular incrementality signals, delivered to you via APIs and data feeds. It’s your own platform, models, and optimization engine—enhanced with Incremental’s data.

neutral measurement

Embrace Transparent Measurement

One of Incremental’s key pillars—neutrality—can be yours as well. Integrating with Incremental allows you to offer third-party, neutral measurement and reporting to your customers.

normalized data

Access On-Demand Data, Whenever You Need It

Fuel your analytics, models, and projects with normalized commerce data—available whenever you need it. Build your own campaign automation, analytics, or reporting workflows. Incremental automatically handles data collection, cleansing, and normalization, so you can focus on strategic insights and the bigger picture.

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On the blog, learn about retail media strategies, and explore how businesses leverage Incremental to grow.

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