Retail Media Buyers Need Their Own Measurement Platform

A consumer's journey to buy a product doesn’t start and end on Amazon.

To effectively measure retail media, you need a platform that understands both media and marketplace dynamics. Incremental is the only measurement platform purpose-built to do both. Incremental controls for marketplace and retailer dynamics like search rank, competitive pricing, buy box, and promotion, and looks beyond your digital shelf to understand how outside, non-retail media influences product discovery or brand awareness which supports your retail media’s performance.

Legacy Measurement
(MTA, MMM, Lift Tests)
Retail Media DSPs
Digital Shelf Platforms
Search (Non-Retail)
Online Video
Other Non-Retail Media
measurement & reporting

Measure Retail Media, the Better Way

Compare data across channels—like apples to apples, and oranges to oranges.

Go Beyond ROAS

Track real performance not vanity metrics. Last-touch attribution and return on ad spend (ROAS) mistake coincidence for causation.

Promotions, organic search rank, seasonality, non-retail media investments, and other factors can make it hard to understand what’s actually driving growth in a company. Incremental controls for these variables, brings transparency to each campaign’s performance, and allows retail media buyers to truly understand the incremental revenue impact of retail and retail-aware media.

Consistent Measurement Across Platforms

Spend your time tracking performance—not on formatting spreadsheets.

Each retail media network (RMN) uses its own methodology and definitions to track performance, making reporting and tracking tricky and nearly impossible to compare results. Incremental’s platform applies a consistent measurement lens that provides easy comparability. See all of your retail media performance in one place.

Privacy Safe

Don’t worry about crumbling cookies anymore.

Our privacy-safe solution connects your media investments and sales across all online and offline channels to provide you with a comprehensive view of advertising performance.

Commerce Analytics

Optimize for What’s Really Driving Sales

Get greater returns from campaigns by optimizing towards incremental sales.

Last-touch attribution hides the true success of retail media, which means retail media buyers may not be spending their advertising budget where it really counts. Incremental controls for external factors, isolates each campaign’s incremental impact, and then recommends ways to shift budgets between campaigns to maximize growth. Incremental’s advertising budget recommendations are retail aware, which means the platform considers factors like keyword volume and inventory.

scenario planning & forecasting

Make a Plan to Hit Your Sales Goal

Plan budgets and forecast sales based on facts.

Budget Based on Your Sales Goals

Find your just-right retail media budget to hit your sales goals and incorporate into joint business planning (JBPs) with retailers.

Incremental’s machine-learning models forecast your expected baseline sales, then allows you to simulate budget scenarios with that forecast. These scenarios help you predict how much investment is needed in order to hit sales goals, while of course, staying profitable. This can be easily integrated into source-of-volume waterfalls within joint business plans (JBPs).

Test and Learn: Simulate Future Incremental Sales

Test your strategies before putting them into action.

Simulations allow you to plan out different investment scenarios at a channel- and campaign-level, and explore the scenarios’ projected impact on future performance. Answer crucial questions like:

  • Can I hit my sales goals with this budget?
  • What will projected incremental sales be at this spend?
  • How should I distribute the budget across strategies?
Commerce Analytics Across all Channels
commerce data engine

Manage Retail Media with Commerce in Mind

Discover a one-stop shop for shopping data.

Legacy measurement approaches don’t often pay attention to marketplace dynamics like inventory, search rank, promotions, subscriptions, and competitive pricing. Incremental’s measurement is built on top of a commerce decisioning platform that tracks the day-to-day performance of these factors across online and offline retail channels. This robust enterprise data platform translates the fragmented chaos of cross-channel commerce and data into a single, consolidated view.

Cross-Channel Commerce Data Engine

Track everything, in one place. Aggregate up or drill down by brand, channel, or stock-keeping unit (SKU) with customizable taxonomies. Deliver omnichannel reporting to your team across retail, advertising, inventory, and financial performance.

Automated Reporting and Goal Tracking

Stay updated, on your terms. Incremental proactively tracks your profit and sales goals, monitors progress, and identifies opportunities to close gaps against them. These goals can be set by company, brand, and channel, and customized at the user level. Get updates on progress via automated daily emails.

Drive Profitable Growth

Watch where your money goes. Consolidated financial reporting provides visibility into both above- and below-the-line costs down to a stock keeping unit (SKU). Uncover hidden costs associated with selling across channels and optimize for profitable growth.

Commerce Analytics Across all Channels - Measure Profitability
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